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Season 1

S1, Ep1
8 Oct. 2017
I Only Need a Little Brother Who Can Cook, a Beautiful Naked Girl, and Friends I Can Relate To
Itsuki Hashima, a popular young novelist whose work always includes little sisters, is having difficulty coming up with a new series. One day, his younger step-brother Chihiro and some of his colleagues come over for dinner, drinks, and games.
S1, Ep2
15 Oct. 2017
If Only a Miracle Would Happed
Nayuta and Miyako walk in on Itsuki naked!? He's trying to act out the little sister character in his new volume, but he ends up embarrassing himself and complicating the trio's relationship.
S1, Ep3
22 Oct. 2017
As Long as it's Research
Itsuki, Nayuta, and Miyako decide to escape the cold by going to Okinawa where they visit a remote island so Itsuki can do some research. Meanwhile, Nayuta decides to flail around naked in the water, and Miyako eventually joins in as well.
S1, Ep4
29 Oct. 2017
As Long as you're Working
Nayuta, Miyako and Haruto gather at Itsuki's room for Valentine's Day, and Haruto tries to show off his friendship with Itsuki again. Toki then shows up with the chocolates that fans had sent to them.
S1, Ep5
5 Nov. 2017
All You Need is to Write Novels
Itsuki is nearing an important deadline and tries to flee from his editor, Toki, but is immediately caught. However, he manages to escape and goes to a hot springs with Setsuna.
S1, Ep6
12 Nov. 2017
Having Your Media Developments Go Well is All You Need
Itsuki has a meeting with Kaiko Mikuniyama, the artist who will be doing the manga version of "Mahou Academy." She looks very refined, which makes Itsuki nervous, but apparently she loves little sisters as much as he does.
S1, Ep7
19 Nov. 2017
Adventure is All You Need
In order to cheer up Haruto after his anime flopped, Itsuki gets him and Nayuta, Miyako and Chihiro together to play a TRPG.
S1, Ep8
26 Nov. 2017
All You Need is Love and Friendship
Haruto reveals how he feels about Miyako, and Itsuki promises to help him out. Around the same time, Nayuta, who sees Miyako as an older sister, tells Itsuki that she wants to throw a birthday party for Miyako.
S1, Ep9
3 Dec. 2017
Nudity and Underwear Are All You Need
Toki brings Itsuki the manuscript for the Mahou Academy manga. Itsuki was looking forward to what Kaiko had drawn because of her art quality, but it turns out there's a problem?!
S1, Ep10
10 Dec. 2017
A Lack of Problems is All You Need
Chihiro starts working part time at Ashley's office. Chihiro cleans Ashley's whole office and then goes to take a bath and Ashley finds out Chihiro's "secret." Meanwhile, Itsuki heads to the zoo with Nayuta so he can do some research for his next book.
S1, Ep11
17 Dec. 2017
Becoming the Protagonist is All You Need
Itsuki asks Miyako to take something to the publisher for him and she runs into Nayuta's editor. Miyak offers to go see Nayuta and get her to finish the manuscript in person. Miyako then realizes that she might want to be an editor herself.
S1, Ep12
24 Dec. 2017
A Sister's All You Need?
3.8 (6)
Itsuki falls asleep at the kotatsu and has a dream about his middle school days. Back in modern time, Itsuki throws a party to celebrate his book becoming an anime. Haruto brings a board game where everyone gets to be a light novel artist!

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